Aurie Hsu, Dancer

Shimmer-Submerged (co-created with Aurie Hsu) is a two-movement work featuring dance, transducer-activated Wurlitzer Student Butterfly Piano, processed Tremolo-Harp robotic string instrument, and electronic music. Shimmer features a dance where the performer slowly moves a variety of glass chimes across the stage. The performance explores the relationship between dancer and the various forms of sonic “shimmering” that are produced by the transducer and the Tremolo-Harp, a twelve-stringed robotic instrument, where each string is actuated with a DC vibration motor to produce a mechatronic “tremolo” effect. Submerged features dance accompanied by electronic music based on the recorded sounds of water. As the movement progresses the listener is taken from the surface into the abyss.  

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