Program Note:

Neoga is an Iroquois goddess of wind. This piece explores the contemporary use of wind power to generate clean electricity with the true spirit of the wind itself. Windmills today are sleek and beautiful machines that rise out of the natural landscape. Seeing these machines sprouting from the rural farmland of northwest Ohio connects the viewer to the power consumed by our contemporary society, to the power produced by the natural force of wind, and to all those who stood on this land and considered the nature of this mysterious element.

Performance History:

Third Practice Electroacoustic Music Festival, Camp Concert Hall, University of Richmond, Richmond, VA, 10/20/2007

Seoul International Computer Music Festival, Seoul, Korea, 11/23/2006

15th Annual Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival, University of Florida Center for the Performing Arts Black Box Theater, Gainesville, FL, 4/6/2006

Most Significant Bytes, Presser Recital Hall, Mount Union College, Alliance, OH, 2005

Imagine 2 festival, University of Memphis, Jay Etkin Gallery, Memphis, TN, 2005

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