Electroacoustic Music

In Memoriam: COVID in New Jersey (electroacoustic music for interactive website) 2022

Stick-Slide, Strike (electroacoustic music) 2019

Manus Tremens (toy harp, LED-controlled vibration motors, live processing) 2019

Oiseaux Naturels: LA River (piano and fixed media electronics) 2019

Boyle Heights (Rhythmanalysis II) (marimba and fixed media electronics) 2017

Rhythmanalysis I: New Brunswick (string quartet and computer) 2016

Submerged from shut.eye (electroacoustic music for dance) 2016

Elemental Dialogues (electroacoustic music for film) 2013-2016

Lament (flute and computer) 2015

Submerged from Time-Space Capsule (Submerged System and live processing) 2014

Dreaming Breath (dancer, electroAcoustic InteRactive Bed, live processing) 2014

Anticenter Stream (amplified cello and computer) 2011

Mythical Spaces (percussion and computer) 2010

At the Crossing of Five Paths (flute, pre-recorded sounds and computer processing) 2008

Mystification (flute, clarinet, piano, violin, cello, and computer processing) 2007

Straight, Curving, Colorful: Three Architects (clarinet, cello, and computer) 2006

Neoga (electroacoustic music with video) 2005

Poème Ligetique (5.1 channel electroacoustic music) 2005

Grow (electroacoustic music for video installation) 2003

Incidental music for In the Heart of America, a play by Naomi Wallace. (electroacoustic music) 2003

Dinner Conversation  (electroacoustic music) 2002

12 MIDI Experiments (electroacoustic music) 2002

Reception Music (electroacoustic music, four loudspeakers, flute, and violin) 2001