Justice for Some

Choreography: inFluxdance
Music: Steven Kemper, Aurie Hsu
Video: Erin Mayfield

(video coming soon!)

Movements by Kemper:

Protest March (1:45)
Voices of Fear  (1:45)
Rights and Respect i (2:35)
Rights and Respect ii (2:00)
Social Protest (1:00)
Wedding March (6:35)
21st Century Sit-In (6:05)
Agreements (co-written with Aurie Hsu) (3:05)

Program Note

Justice For Some is a multi-disciplinary performance and community outreach project that highlights the history and future of protest while challenging the notion of equality and discrimination. Through community classes and an evening-length performance, Justice for Some exemplifies how the “movement” in the idea of social movement involves the physicality of the moving body. The piece focuses on what protest looks and sounds like and how to explore the current human rights movement on a kinesthetic level. Justice for Some asks the question, “What are you willing to fight for?”

The community outreach culminates in an evening length piece that abstractly reveals PROTEST as it pertains to human rights and the political landscape. Marriage laws, body rights, gay teen suicide, political extremism, exploitation of women, human trafficking, disembodied protest, and media manipulation are just a few of the issues tackled in this piece.

(program notes by inFluxdance)

Performance History

Boulder International Fringe Festival, Boulder, CO, 8/17-8/28/2011

St. Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival, Club Espagnol, Montreal, Canada, 6/12/2011, 6/16/2011

Rowland Hall, St. Mark’s School, Salt Lake City, UT, 6/11/2011

Helms Theater, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, 2/6/2012

Sugar Space, Salt Lake City, UT, 9/23-9/25/2010

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