Full Bio

Steven Kemper composes music for acoustic instruments, instruments and computers, musical robots, dance, video, and networked systems. He received a Ph.D. from the University of Virginia in the Composition and Computer Technologies program, where he  studied with Judith Shatin, Matthew Burtner, and Ted Coffey. He received a M.M. from Bowling Green State University in composition where he studied with Marilyn Shrude, Elainie Lillios, and Mikel Kuehn, and a B.A. from Bowdoin College where he studied with Elliott Schwartz and Vineet Shende.

Steven’s works have been performed by the Boston Modern Orchestra Project, NOW ensemble, and the Grupo Sax-Ensemble among others and presented at ICMC, SEAMUS, SIGCHI, Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival, the Third Practice Festival, Pixilerations, American Composers Alliance Festival of American Music, and the Seoul International Computer Music Festival. In 2010, Steven won the International Computer Music Association 2010 Student Award for Best Submission for Shadows no. 5, part of a collaborative series of pieces for tribal fusion belly dance, electroacoustic music and RAKS (Remote electroAcoustic Kinesthetic Sensing) System, a wireless sensor interface designed specifically for tribal fusion belly dancer with composer and dancer Aurie Hsu.

Steven is a co-founder of Expressive Machines Musical Instruments, a collective dedicated to creating and composing music for robotic instruments. He is also a member of UVA’s Interactive Media Research Group (IMRG) where he is a software developer for NOMADS (Network-Operational Mobile Applied Digital System), a multi-platform tool for artistic creation and teaching in large-scale classroom and performance contexts.

As a guitarist, Steven has performed with the UVA and BGSU New Music Ensembles, the UVA Guitar Quartet, and Dzian!, North America’s first Nakasi surf rock band.